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Søen i spejlet (lake in the mirror) deals with nature as a refuge where the rules and hierarchies of society are put out of play – at least until new hierarchies and rituals start regulating the refuge.

The film is the re-enactment of a former boarding school tradition in Denmark. Once a year the students of Sorø Academy held a ritual out in the woods, burning effigies of their teachers on a bonfire.

The narrative of the film evolves around the character of a former student that revisits the place of his school days meeting with a group of young students. What first seems to be the fictionalization of the former student´s memory, becomes more and more the documentation of the staging of the ritual – the alumni himself being the director. But as soon as the ritual sets off, all turns to a different state of realness, as the anger and emotion of the young students boil up to an uncanny level of authenticity.

production and idea: Johanna Domke
co-producer: Frank Poulsen
1st AD: Tarje Eikanger Gullaksen
director of photography: Anne Misselwitz
editing: Johanna Domke, Angelika von Charmier
sound: Bilgehan Öziş
camera assistant: Søren Pedersen, Linda Laage
boom operator: Nils Plenge
scenography / costume: Katrin Gerheuser, Bo Frøsig
production assistant: Louise Reimer Jakobsen
still photographer: Thomas Cato
set-hands: Sofie Pil, Kathrine Storm, Kristian Meyer, Thomas Mortensen

starring: former student : Bo Stendell Larsen, students from Sorø Akademiskolen : students from Sorø Akademiskolen
thanks to : Vestjyllands Kunstmuseum, Husholdningsskolen, Elever fra Sorø Akademiskolen, Færøernes forening, Alderdomshjem Rosenhuset, Amatørteater Sorø Special thanks to : Axel Karlshøj, Sten Jensen, Lars Kellstrup, Rolf Christensen, Jeanette Rask Bertelsen, Morten Dysgaard, Bo Frøsig, Mathilde Telgård Nielsen, Peter Olesen, Andreas Brøgger, Sofie Pil, Kathrine Storm, Kristian Meyer, Thomas Mortensen, Bo Stendell Larsen, Lea Kærsgård, Jens Løkke Rasmussen

Realised with the support of : Kunstrådet, Vestjyllands Kunstmuseum

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